torsdag 20. juni 2013

Move closer

“Rather than going after these walls and barriers with a sledgehammer, we pay attention to them. 
With gentleness and honesty, we move closer to those walls. 
We touch them, and smell them and get to know them well. 
We become familiar with the strategies and beliefs we use to build these walls: 
what are the stories we tell ourselves? 
What repels me and what attracts me? 
Without calling what we see right or wrong, we simply look as objectively as we can. 
We can observe ourselves with humor, not getting overly serious, moralistic 
or uptight about the investigation. 
Year after year, we train in remaining open and receptive to whatever arises. 
Slowly, very slowly, the cracks in the walls seem to widen and, as if by magic, 
bodhichitta is able to flow freely.” 

                                                                                                                - Pema Chödrön
                                                                                                                             The Places That Scare You

(Bodhichitta kjem frå sanskrit og betyr oppvåkning av sjel og hjarte).

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